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About A Leader in Vehicle Comfort, Protection, and Style.   Founded in 2003, Detroit Automotive Technologies (DAT) is an award-winning MBE supplier of interior trim and acoustic systems to automotive OEMs. DAT is a technology-driven organization and customers choose DAT because of the intense commitment to providing quality components and systems that exceed industry standards.  DAT is servicing major vehicle manufacturers as a Tier 1 and Tier 2 manufactuerer and is producing products for both traditional ICE and EV vehicles. Over one million vehicles are being produced each year containing DAT products.  DAT’s capabilities, fast customer response time and in-house experts make DAT the perfect partner to convert and fabricate thermal runaway mitigation applications for both thermal barriers/blankets and cell to cell applications. DAT’s mission is to creative a comfortable, safe and stylish driving experience. We are committed to enhancing the sense of enjoyment and security one should have when driving their vehicle.
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